Process To PRO-10 Certification

PRO-10 training is a combination of the Core4 (the 4 mandatory hours of training that must be taken by union workers, contractors, and owners) and an additional 6 hours of training to make up the total 10 hours that is required to receive the PRO-10 certification card. The certification is to ensure that all parties involved have the same training and understanding of the goals and vision of a PRO-10 working environment.

The following explanations and descriptions are to help all parties involved with the PRO-10 certification understand what must be done to make the process of certification move smoothly and quickly. Please review the following information before attempting to submit an application.


As mentioned above the first step in PRO-10 certification is to take the Core4 training by a certified instructor. Union apprenticeship programs will be offering the Core4 for their members and in many cases offer training for journey-persons. Those apprenticeship programs which are already providing approved PRO-10 training will be able to give credit for these additional 6 hours. These hours will be credited only to apprentices who have graduated within the last 5 years.

Journey-persons who have not graduated within the last 5 years will need to take the Core4 and have documentation of 6 hours of additional approved training. This documentation will need to be provided to their trade's apprenticeship coordinator or certified instructor who can then include their name on the Certification Application Form, which should then be submitted to the Minnesota Building and Construction Trades office. Once the form has been submitted, individual cards will be printed and mailed back to the person who has submitted the form and it will be their responsibility to distribute the cards to those who completed the training. Only submit names of those who have completed the full 10 hours of training.


Contractors who want to be PRO-10 certified will also need to attend the Core4 Training and provide documentation to a certified instructor so that their name can be submitted for certification. This includes foremen, project managers, and anyone else considered management on the job site. Contractors can attend Core4 training through their contractor's association or their signatory trade if they are providing Core4 training.

The additional 6 hours of training can be obtained by attending their association's approved training or other professional soft-skills training as long as they can provide acceptable documentation. Names can only be submitted of those who have completed the full 10 hours of training.

Owners (End-users)

PRO-10 training was created to include all personnel on PRO-10 job sites so that everyone is involved and engaged in the PRO-10 training process. This training only works if it involves everyone from the top down. Owners can get the Core4 training by taking the training from an approved trainer and can find upcoming classes here. Other training to make up the additional 6 hours of soft-skills training curriculum can be submitted to the PRO-10 Committee for review. Names will only be submitted of those who have completed the full 10 hours of training.

Processing the Application Form

The first thing to note is that application forms will only be processed when sent in by certified trainers (those who have gone through the Core4 train-the-trainer course and have had a PRO-10 course manager attend and review their class). This list will be matched to the person who is doing the submission.


To submit the application:

  • Open the Certification Form under Submission Forms;
  • Fill in the highlighted areas;
  • Save completed form to your computer;
  • E-mail this form to the Minnesota Building and Construction Trades office at and include your mailing address;
  • Once you are verified as a certified instructor, PRO-10 cards, along with a PRO-10 hardhat sticker per card for the names submitted, will be printed and mailed out to the address you have provided.

Plus 6 Additional Training 

Any training to be reviewed can be submitted to the PRO-10 Committee by contacting us by:


Write to: PRO-10, 830 Transfer Road, St. Paul, MN 55114

Call: (651) 646-2121