Frequently Asked Questions

What is PRO-10?

PRO-10 is professional training for union employees, union contractors, and owners who use union labor. It's modeled after OSHA 10 with 10 hours of training covering many areas, which is divided into two areas of training, Core4 and six additional hours of approved training.

What is the purpose of PRO-10?

If people were gears then PRO-10 would be the oil to help the gears work together smoothly. Have you ever walked onto a bad jobsite where people don't cooperate, materials aren't ready, and no one respects the job, or each other? PRO-10 was developed to bring professionalism and mutual respect to every job so that employees enjoy coming to work and that leads to improved productivity.

So, it's really about productivity?

In part, yes. If you're on a jobsite where people respect each other it's going to be more productive but it's also going to be safer because you look out for your co-worker. Plus, being more productive helps keep us all working.

How is this going to help me?

PRO-10 is a Union Training Program. Only union employees, contractors and owners who use unions on the jobsite can get this training. Owners see the benefit of this training and have said that they'd like to put it into bid specs. That means union contractors will have an advantage over non-union competition bringing more jobs to all of the trades. And they should because not only do they have the best-trained employees, but now they've got a cooperative effort going on between all parties.

What is Core4?

Core4 is a four hour class and is the foundation of PRO-10 certification, covering the values that make a jobsite positive, productive, and safe, which is developed through a supportive team approach based on:

  • Professionalism
  • Safety
  • Communications
  • Mutual Respect

Core4 training doesn't change because it is the building blocks on which PRO-10 is founded. It may vary from trainer to trainer but content is always consistent.

Who will be doing the Core 4 training?

Core4 Training will be done by certified trainers who have completed a Core4 "Train-the-Trainer" course, but most of which will be done by JATC instructors. Contractor associations may also provide training to their members.

How do I sign up?

If you're a union member or signatory contractor you'll have to contact your local's JATC. Contractors can contact their associations for possible training.

How often will the Core4 training segment be conducted?

As needed on a schedule determined by the JATCs or by contractor associations who may provide this training to their members.

How much will Core 4 training cost and who is responsible for the costs?

Initially there will be no charge for the training to individual members, and the JATC will be responsible for their own instructor's pay. This program is funded by substantial donations from both union locals and contractors who understand the benefits and value of this training. As the program grows other means of funding will need to be put into place.

What institution or people "own" the program?

The Labor-User-Contractors Committee own the copyright to the name, logo, and curriculum developed as part PRO-10.

Does every tradesperson need to have the certification before setting foot on a PRO-10 jobsite?

Yes, if it's being established as a PRO-10 jobsite.

  • What about project managers? Yes.
  • Delivery people? That depends on what's being delivered and as determined by the owner.
  • Safety people? Yes, if they work for a contractor or owner?
  • Is there any kind of waiver available for transient or short-term employees who spend a minimal amount of time on the project? Not at this time.

What is the timeframe and how will Pro-10 be implemented?

When will owners start to require PRO-10? That would be up to the individual owner, but 2012 is when PRO-10 plans to have it's first pilot site.

How and when will Pro-10 be introduced/marketed to owners?

One larger owner will be doing a PRO-10 pilot site and once that's going a PR campaign will be used to promote it to local media and also to industry trade media.

Can non-union people be Pro-10 certified?


  • What is the official response to non-union contractors/entities who are interested in PRO-10? See above reply, otherwise they can become a signatory contractor.
  • Is the certification process and administration handled differently for bargaining unit people than it is for non-bargaining employees of a union shop? No.

How will records be maintained?

At this time the Building Trades office maintain all of the PRO-10 certification records for all union employees, contractors, and owners. Anyone who wants to be PRO-10 certified will have to go through the Building Trades to receive a card and be registered.

  • Will the list of individuals holding PRO-10 certification be publicly available, and will that list interface with local union hiring halls? It will not be available to the public but each hiring hall will have it in order to send out employees matching the contractor's needs.

Will partial Pro-10 records be kept?

NO, whoever is certified to hand in records of people to get their certification card would be responsible for collecting that data. In other words the trainer/coordinator will have to keep the records and submit names only when they reach the total 10 hours necessary.

Can a person who has not been through train-the-trainer deliver any part of the Core 4 curriculum?

NO, the trainer needs to be certified.

What documentation do trainers receive upon completion of a train-the-trainer course and where is the list of certified trainers maintained?

The people who have received "Train-the-trainer training will be kept on a list at the Building Trades office, and only these people will be allowed to submit names to the Building Trades office for certification cards.

Does a Core 4 trainer need to be audited the first time he or she delivers the training?

Yes, but they are not audited; they must go through the training with a PRO-10 training director. If so, by whom, and what if no auditor is available the scheduled day of training? They must have gone through the training with an Training director.

Can a fee be charged for Core 4 training?

PRO-10 was never meant to be a money-making proposition. LUC, the parent group of PRO-10 would allow fees to cover minimal costs of putting on the training. PRO-10 also will offer training for nominal fees which go to cover administrative costs only.

What are the logistics of the other six hours?

The PRO-10 website has a list of the categories to complete the additional six hours which must cover at least 4 other topics. We don't want an additional six hours of one topic like safety (safety is as an example because someone getting an OSHA 10 card can't use that to fill out the Plus 6), we want a minimum of 4 topics. WE STRONGLY RECOMMEND THAT THE PLUS 6 BE COMPLETED BEFORE THE CORE4 SO THAT ONCE THE CORE4 IS DONE IT CAN BE SENT IN FOR CERTIFICATION CARDS TO BE PRINTED.

Once the Core 4 is obtained, how may the other six hours of training be obtained?

PRO-10 along with the Federal Mediation Conciliation Services (FMCS) will be offering training for free and PRO-10 would be charging a fee. Other training that has been taken involving soft skills training on the 15 topics and the hours it took will need to be verified.

For individuals who have not participated in an apprenticeship program or who have not attended any classes already pre-approved by the subcommittee within the past five years, what is the process by which they can have other training approved?

By submitting the training curriculum and verification to the PRO-10 Sub-committee which would be decide on it's approval.

For institutions wishing to serve these individuals by developing or offering approved training, what are the guidelines and requirements that should be considered in the development process?

We are in the stages of developing guidelines and resources for the additional 6 hours. Once the additional curriculum is developed it can be used by any union or union contractors.

How will the program's success be measured?

Everyone would like to know if this is beneficial and we are currently working on measurement guidelines to track certain goals of PRO-10. Measurement will ultimately be up to the owner to require contractors to document measurement procedures. We will also be working with clients and will be offering further recommendations.

How will individuals who have completed the program be monitored for adherence to the standards and ideologies that it introduces?

There are no standards to be met other than the required 10 hours of training. This is similar to OSHA 10 in that they must receive so many hours of training.

Will there be a continuing education component?

Contractor associations already have continuing education for their members and so do the JATCs for their journeypersons who need that additional training. A PRO-10 Refresher course is being developed at this time and the PRO-10 committee has set and expiration date of three years.

Essence of PRO-10

PRO-10 is an evolving program with its sole purpose of improving upon interaction in the workplace. How it's implemented will be up to the owner. Contractors who support the PRO-10 effort may chose to train in their staff rather than waiting to be required by an owner. PRO-10 training was developed to increase cooperation and respect, which are goals that would help any business improve its performance and morale.