A New Standard in Construction

constructionPRO-10 training was developed by members of the "Labor User Contractor" (LUC) Committee to support high-quality working conditions and clarify the expectations between union construction workers, contractors, and owner/clients: more harmonious, professional job-sites ensure a safe, productive work environment.

PRO-10 starts with the "CORE 4"

CORE 4 is the foundation: four (4) hours of training on safety, communication, mutual respect, and professionalism. All parties on a PRO-10 jobsite must go through this training followed by an additional six (6) hours tailored to each individual trade or role.

...after CORE 4

You can expect to discuss the history of the Unionized Construction Industry in the U.S. and Minnesota, and how expectations have changed in terms of worker and contractor readiness. Productivity is one of the keys to construction economics, so everything from clear communication with foremen and supervisors (or site visitors,) to collaborative problem solving and how that affects the motivation of co-workers, will be covered.